Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Happy 3,000 likes teaser!!

Thanks so much for all the new likes on my Facebook page.  Your support and love are so amazing!  This is another Light in the Shadows teaser.  Up until now, I've only given you Clay's POV.  But Light in the Shadows will be from alternating POVs.  I thought that was really important, because while Clay is on his own journey, Maggie is doing her thing as well.  So here's a little taste of something sort of happy that will be coming down the pipeline for them.

I hope you enjoy it!!

"  Thanks." I said in absolute and utter amazement.  Clay stood at my doorstep wearing dark jeans, a pressed blue collared shirt, black wool coat and holding the largest bouquet of roses I had ever seen.  It was obvious he had checked all of the required boxes on this "date".  Down to his perfectly slicked back hair and over eager expression.

In the previous incarnation of our relationship we sort of skipped the whole "dating" thing.

Somewhere between saying hello and diving headfirst into the turmoil we had forgotten the basics.  Our love hadn't been typically teenage in any way.  We had gone zero to a million without so much as a trip to the movies or an uncomfortable dinner at Applebee's while we chatted about favorite bands and most embarrassing moments.

Looking at Clay, all dolled up and standing almost timidly in front of me, I realized how much we had missed.  How in the heat of our intense and crazy love we had forgotten the most important step in any relationship...the first date.

I felt a sudden sadness at those tiny moments that we hadn't experienced together.  I took a deep breath and reached out for the roses.  Clay's smile was shy and uncertain, showing me that he was as clueless as I was when it came to rewriting our history.

Was it possible to go back to the beginning?  To try and do things the right way?

I gripped the bundle of overpriced flowers in my hands and gasped in surprise.  I lifted my finger and saw a bright red blob on the tip.  Shit, I should have realized there were thorns.  The bite of pain reminded me that we had a long way to go.  That no matter how beautiful the package, the hurt was still there.

And I wasn't sure how long it would take for it to go away.  Or if it ever would.

"Are you alright?"  Clay asked, moving toward me.  I stuck my finger in my mouth.  The tang of copper sharp on my tongue.  I nodded my head and moved away before Clay could touch me.  I wasn't ready for that just yet.

I dropped the flowers on the table inside the door and grabbed my purse.  I joined him on the porch and zipped up my coat.

"You ready?"  Clay asked, trying again for the whole smiling thing.

Was I ready?

Hell if I knew.

But looking at his hopeful expression I knew that I could only try.


  1. This book is going to kill me! Thanks for the teaser :)

  2. I really can't wait....Thank you! Such a tease..

  3. I'm really excited about this book. The first one was just so amazing. It touched me in places I didn't realize I still had. Thank you!

  4. The anticipation Is torturous!!!!..... I cant wait

  5. I keep forgetting when it's coming out...

  6. Wow, congrats on all the likes...I'll head over there now:) Neat blog:)

  7. Three thousand likes? WOW! Big congrats on that, and on the great excerpt. Wishing you much success. :-)
    ~ Lexa (your agency sister)